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The European Information Security Summit is coming to the DACH region in 2020, promising the most comprehensive cyber security summit in mainland Europe.


Dr Mary Aiken

Professor of Forensic Cyberpsychology,

Chuks Ojeme

Chief Information Security Officer, Gebauer & Griller

Linus Neumann

Hacker & Psychologist,

Michael Jenkins MBE

Chief Information Security Officer, Brunel University

Bernard Swierczyna

Chief Information Security Officer, First Ireland

teissDACH2020 is one of the most comprehensive cyber security summits in Europe.

Focusing on some of the new, post-COVID-19 challenges faced by Information Security professionals, as well as many of the recurring challenges, teissDACH2020 will feature 6 Sessions across 3 days.

Each session is comprised of an in-depth panel discussion, a short presentation and private roundtables for Attendees to continue their discussions.

Our expert speakers and experienced panellists will focus on the latest threat trends affecting their organisations, and how they are leading the cultural changes to minimise these risks in a post-COVID-19 world.

teissDACH2020 features 6 Sessions across 3 days

24th November 2020

Attend the Sessions on this first day to;

  • See how to plan for the human responses in your cyber incident response plan
  • Take away advice on supporting colleagues’ resilience remotely whilst the organisation undergoes a crisis
  • Discover best practice in communicating internally, externally and remotely during your cyber incident response
  • Learn to understand the psychological impact of the COVID-19 disruption on your workforce, and planning for the future
25th November 2020

Attend the Sessions on this second day to;

  • Learn how to tackle the remote insider threat and use understandable and enforceable policies
  • See how to quantify the risk of non-malicious threats from your new, remote working colleagues and your existing and/or disgruntled colleagues
  • Evaluate and minimise information security risks across your multi-Cloud estate
  • See how to use a risk framework for measuring multi-cloud risk
26th November 2020

Attend the Sessions on this final day to;

  • Take away alternative approaches to attracting and retaining talent in difficult times
  • Explore strategies to identify and avoid stress or burn-out during and after your COVID-19 response
  • See how to measure the robustness of your organisation’s cyber resilience
  • Compare approaches for proving that your organisation’s efforts to prevent cyber incidents are sufficient
TESTIMONIALS FROM teissAmsterdam2019
  • A whole day in touch and informed with fellowship CISO and international leading speakers

    CISO, RIBW Nijmegen en Rivierenland
  • More than worth the effort, again up to date and inspired how things can be improved

    CIO, Hospital Rivierenland
  • Excellent event, close to perfect. Great size, excellent breakout sessions. I had the impression that the group created a kind of community throughout the day

    European Consulting Director, Information Security Forum
  • Good event for CISO’s to attend and meet with peers from the industry

    Head IT Maintenance, KAS BANK NV
  • Very good and directed at the professional audience providing the right depth on the topics

    Information Security Officer, CarNext.com
  • One of the best events in Europe

    Nuno Oliveira, INTEGRITY S.A.- Consulting & Advisory


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marc.morrow@teiss.co.uk (Sponsorship)

grant.scheffer@teiss.co.uk (Sponsorship)

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